Thursday, 3 July 2014

'Try meditation instead of philosophy'

"Wyrdskein, have you tried meditation? That will reveal far more to you than any philosopher." - Stormcloud

In order to have come to that negative conclusion about philosophy, and in favour of meditation ( I know philosophers who do meditation too), you must have already done some philosophy (however basic) otherwise how would you know that your conclusion is true/correct/right?

Also, the road to meditation, and the positions some meditators uphold, are also philosophical; just not philosophical in an argumentative or empirical way, as it were.

Anyway, “reveal” what? Philosophy reveals certain things and meditation reveals other things. In fact it depends which philosophy or philosopher we're talking about.

On a personal note, I've met meditators who are egotists. And some Zen Buddhists are actually “full of the self” by virtue of the fact that they keep on telling everyone else that they have “cleansed themselves of their selves”. In other words, the “ego” is still fully in place – it's just the behaviour and positions of Zen Buddhists are different to the “average person” (whoever he is).

I don't believe that simply because you meditate a lot you automatically “transcend the ego” or transcend philosophy or “thought” itself. You may just adopt another philosophy and behave differently; though with an equal amount of ego. In fact the meditators I've met have been more, not less, egotistical than other people. Again, it's just what they say and do that's different – the ego is still fully in place. (However, I admit that I'm only talking about a specific attitude towards meditation and specific kinds of meditator.)

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